INTERN applications for our 2020 Programme will Open when further details of our programme are announced.  

Broadway Dreams NZ offers six different types of internships. Please apply for the internship that best suits your experience and objectives. Please find the description of each role below.

Internship types:


Performance interns work next to our Broadway faculty and assist them hand-in-hand. While you are not rehearsing for your segments you will be assisting with planning and helping our faculty members, seeing first hand how they work. You will be responsible for making sure people are on top of their game. Stage experience is necessary. Each role as a performance intern requires an audition tape,  the role of dance captain will be awarded a performance internship. Performance in showcase available.

Marketing and administration:

No previous experience is required in this internship. If you have an interest in community building, event planning, communications, media and organization this is the internship for you! You will help with the organization of people and checking everyone is where they’re meant to be. You will also deal with tackling conflicts in schedule and other problems. Help to put together a program that will lure people in. Performance in showcase available.

Technical theatre/stage management:

No previous experience necessary. Interest in all aspects of technical theatre, such as: light and sound plots, operating microphones, set production and crew management. Also assisting in aspects of stage management, including: performance cues, scheduling, creative team coordination and acting as a helping hand around the stage. Help work in our crew for the showcase.

Music Assistance:

Experience as a musician is necessary. A focus on arranging and playing music. Interests in areas of music, such as: music director, conducting, playing an instrument, music cataloging and theory. Work with our accompanists and be one yourself (pianists only). If you play an instrument work as part of the stage band for our BDF NZ Showcase. (Note: On the form, please state instrument(s) that you play, intermediate level on your instrument is required). Performance as a band member in showcase.


Make your ideas a reality. You will work on areas in fashion and costuming such as: design, production and alteration. Experience not necessary but is preferred. Work on creating/producing stunning looks to match characters in our BDF NZ Showcase. Assist with alterations and fixing last minute costuming problem. Take your ideas and work to make them real. Performance in our showcase is also available but not required.


Interests in Photography, Videography and editing. Take photos and videos of our Broadway Dreams workshops, masterclasses and Summer intensives and bring them to life editing video that you have made. You will be constantly adding your work to Broadway Dreams New Zealand social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, etc. Making interesting and fun videos that showcase your skills and capture Broadway Dreams perfectly. No previous experience is required but some ability is preferred. Performance in showcase is also available.

INTERN applications for our 2020 Programme will Open when further details of our programme are announced.